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This computer program is protected by international law and international treaties. Copyright (c)1998, 1999 by Predrag Supurovic.


1. You will not wake up in the middle of the night all in wet having just one thought on your mind: OH I STILL DID NOT REGISTER MPGScript. I AM A CRIMINAL!

2. Unregistered version is crippled:

  • you cannot change setup options
  • you cannot export more than only first 50 records of each document including m3d files
  • you cannot set m3d file header properly
  • every third template document in Template List cannot be saved to disk (although you are able to see generated document)

You will get fully functional version by registering it.

Terms of usage

Unregistered version may be freely distributed as long as it is distributed with no charge (or only distribution media is charged) and in original form. Adding any kind of programs or documents in the original package is prohibited. If you suspect that you do not have original installation package, you may download latest version from http://www.datavoyage.com/mpgscript/.

You are free to use unregistered version of this software for 30 days. If you like it and want to keep using it, please register. If you do not like it please let us know why.

If program is distributed within mass media publication (CD ROM, diskettes, ZIP drives, streamer or similar) we would like to receive free copy of that publication. If it is distributed electronically by systems with payed access we would like annual free subscription.

You are entitled to use registered version only for your needs on single computer. You may make copies for safety purposes, but not to give or resell registered version or register keys to third parties. Program must have different registration for each copy running on different computer.

Beta testers may use beta test versions only for purpose of testing and improving program. Beta test versions are not supposed to be distributed publicly in any manner. Beta testers are persons who are personally entitled by author to do the testing job. They have right for free personal program registration.

You use this program on your own risk. We did extensive testing of this software to prevent any malfunction, and we are sure in it's robustness but we cannot guarantee that on your system configuration. We cannot take any responsibility of any damage.

If you experience any kind of program malfunction, or just have an idea how to improve it, please, let us a note.


You may use and distribute this software only according to Terms of usage. If you are not willing to do so, please delete this software and do not register.

Single registration fee is 10 USD for personal, and 50 USD for commercial use. Single registration must be entitled to full name of person. By commercial use we consider any usage of this software that may make you money or dealing with any kind of third parties (for money or not). Commercial registrations may be entitled to any kind of name.

IMPORTANT! Orders from NATO countries (including countries which are not members but asked for membership), countries that invaded Yugoslavia and countries which supported invasion (by allowing use of their territory or air space or in any other way including diplomacy) are required to make extra payment as humanitarian aid (40 USD for noncommercial and 200 USD for commercial registrations). That means, single registration total cost for them is 50 USD and commercial registration is 250 USD. Humanitarian aid part of the collected money will be transfered to Yugoslav humanitarian organizations targeted to children refugees from Kosovo, children who were left homeless, children without parents, children injured by bomb attacks, or stressed. This does not affect registrations sold before the invasion and people who prove they collected and sent aid for victims of NATO agression on Yugoslavia.

You will receive registration key which will unlock features which could be used in limited fashion or not to be used at all in unregistered version. Single registration alows you to have this program installed only on single computer. For multiple registrations we may allow discount. Multiple registrations are possible only for commercial use.

Publisher and distributors of shareware software who wants to publish this program along with others are asked to send us a copy of each publication containing our product. There is no registration needed. Registration is needed only for program use.

You can get Registration form by clicking on flashing menu item UNREGISTERED TRIAL COPY or by choosing File/Registration from menu. If you prefer, jump to http://www.datavoyage.com/mpgscript/ and fill the form online.

This computer program is protected by international law and international treaties.
Copyright (c)1998 by Predrag Supurovic.