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12. November 1999.

    MPGScript 4.23 released. Support for PLS playlist fromat added. WinAmp genre codes added, now application supports 125 genre codes. Some minor bugfixes. Help updated and spell checked.

    MPEG Audio frame header specifications also updated.

    MPGTools version 1.8 released (At last! It's more than a year since previous public release.) showing number of changes. It is no longer free for commercial use. You stil may use it freely for freeware projects. Limited support for Xing VBR added. Some new informations about MPEG header structure implemented. Optional excluding using Dialogs unit allows creating applications with small file length of executable. Import and export to PLS play list file format implemented. Added ability to parse complex macros (macros that contain other macros within definition). TMPEGAudio.SearchExactFileName, TMPEGAudio.SearchDrives, TMPEGAudio.FileNameShort, TMPEGAudio.IsTagged properties added. %ExtractedArtist% and %ExtractedTitle% macros added to support tagless MPEG files that contain information within file name. %FileDateTimeForSort% macro added to allow easy sorting on file creation date and time. %FilePathName% macro added to easy formatting of file name. %GuessedArtistTitle% added to concatenate Artist and Title info in single macro. %FileTime% and %DurationForm% macros behaviour changed a bit. TMPEGAudioList.ExportToWinAmpList and TMPEGAudioList.ExportToMPEGDataFile methods syntax changed to allow exporting of only selected items. TMPEGAudio.AutoLoad method added. TMPEGAudio.LoadData method added. TMPEGAudio.OnReadError event added. Windows regional settings support added. Error conditions are now easier to intercepted. TMPEGAudioList.ShowMPEGAudioReadError, TMPEGAudioList.UnknownArtist, TMPEGAudioList.UnknownTitle, TMPEGAudioList.MPEGAudioUnknownArtist, TMPEGAudioList.MPEGAudioUnknownTitle properties added. TMacroDefinition class added to allow easy creating of new macros.

    MPEG Renamer 1.05 released. It is just compiled with new MPGTools thus allowing new macros and executable is shortened from 250 KB to 52 KB. Sample BAT file added to demonstrate customizing behavior by using macros.

    We appologize to those who sent us mail with suggestions and do not find their requests fulfilled. Frequent power loss due to NATO bombing caused lots of problems including loosing some data. Please send us again your requests.

    If you are interested to see what damage NATO created in our surrounding, you may take a look at http://www.uzice.net/ui/foto/

26. March 1999.

    MPGScript 4.21 released. It cames sooner than planned, but, since my country is in war with NATO, I do not know when I will be able to work on it. This version is fully functional and presents new stuff: users can create their own macros, limited support for VBR files, new predefined macros, template import and export option, RTF CD Cover Page template. Registration from countries members of NATO and supporters for their aggression on my country are requred for additional humanitarian aid fee. Collected money goes for humanitarian purposes.

    MPEG Audio frame header specifications updated.

24. March 1999.

    My country is attacked by NATO forces. I feel sorry for them.

21. January 1999.

    New version of MPGScript released. Few bugfixes and few improvements. Not beta any more. New version of MACV also released. Few bugfixes but lots of improvements. It is now Pro version as we promised earlier. Download them.

13. January 1999.

14. December 1998.

    MPGScript 4.1 BETA released. This is new version of application previously called MP3List. We expect your comments due to release final version. Site address changed to http://www.datavoyage.com/mpgscript/ to synchronize with name change.

    News in short: support for newest m3d format added; new tags and extended syntax implemented (capitalization); recognizing MPEG fiels more reliable; new MPEG Audio formats supported; added support for Windows international settings; MPGScript user slightly simplified; new command parameters added; Support for empty tags added; prewiew is now done with user configurable external text viewer; Export procedure improved a lot; cosmetical changes; Registration key changed.

30. October 1998.

    MPEG Audio Frame Header specification (mpeghdr.htm) document updated due to feedback I received from users.

    WARNING! I decided to change name for MP3List application since there are lots of tools with similar name which makes confusion. MP3List will be called MPGScript in future. It will be released as version 4.0. You will find lots of changes including simpler and easier user interface.

19. October 1998.

    New version of MP3List released (PR12). Some bugfixes done. Now, when exporting to m3d file, you may specify volume label you want to be set for all records. Suitable when preparing CD's for burning. Next release should contain much more changes. It will be adjusted with all features of current version of MPEG Audio Tools (most important will be support for MPEG Datafile version 1.2

5. October 1998.

    New version (1.7) of MPEG Audio Tools Delphi unit released. Few more MPEG recognizing bugfixes. First official beta tester appointed: Jean Nicolle. FileDetectionPrecision property added to both TMPEGAudio and TMPEGAudioList class. Behaviour of TMPEGAudio.Textilize method changed. NOW IT DOES NOT affect contents of TMPEGAudio.Macro and TMPEGAudio. TMPEGAudio.FReadData, TMPEGAudio.WriteTag and TMPEGAudio.RemoveTag methods are changed to be functions and return result error code. Added sorting capabilities to TMPEGAudioList and now, user may specify if he wants list not to be sorted, to be sorted internaly (sort key specified in SortMacro) or externaly, by user defined function and also sort direction (ascending or descending).

11. September 1998.

8. Sept. 1998.

    New version of Delphi unit MPEG Audio Tools v1.6 released. Few bug fixes, but many improvements. MPEG audio detection is much better, support for MPEG audio version 2.5 is added, TMPEGData structure is changed and finnaly it ends up same size regardles what version of compiler is used. Macro supported is also better now. Few new properties and methods are added. TMPEGAudio List added. It manages MPEG audio lists. It is still in developing stage. Read about details in MPGTools unit documentation.

    Now, you can download two MPGTools demo applications, TAG Editor and MPGList. Examining their source should help you understand how whole thing works.

    MPGTools support mail list is on now. If you want to became member let us know. There is no high traffic, just news info.

    For those interested for details, e have prepared document which explains structure of MPEG Audio frame header and MPEG TAG



    When I rewrote MPEG header decoding routine I made small mistake which resulted MP3List not to be able to calculate song duration. This is corrected in version 3.2 PR9.


    Mp3List Version 3.2 PR8 was made first publicly available version. This is still prerelease since there will probably be some changes or additions, according to user feedback. However aplication is fully functional.