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MPGScript 4.23
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Catalog and report generator utility. Reads MPEG Audio files (*.mp?) even new VBR, WinAmp Playlists (*.m3u) and MPEG Audio Datafiles (*.m3d). It can generate various text files including HTML and RTF. Absolute user configurable through Templates, Styles and about 80 tag items (macros). Prepared Templates for MS Word. Data sorting and grouping supported.

MPEG Audio Catalogue Viewer 1.6 Pro
Download 226kb
Add-on for MPGScript. Reads Catalogue files (*.m3d). Allows user to select files and save selection as MPEG Datafile file or WinAmp playlist. Copying selected files to destination directory is also possible. It can play MPEG files (single or grouped) by using third party players. Freeware. Pro functions are available for registered users of MPGScript.

MPEG Audio Tools (Delphi Unit) Version 1.8
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Base of this unit is TMPEGAudio class which deals with single MPEG audio file. MPEG audio version 1 and 2, layer I, II and III are supported. MPEG Audio compressed WAV files too. It allows easy access to MPEG TAG, and HEADER info (ID3v1.1). Writes TAG to MPEG file, also can completely remove tag from file. You will also find very powerful method which converts string macros (more than 70 predefined macros and option to create your own) to MPEG data. Other class is TMPEGAudioList which deals with lists of MPEG data, including importing data from MPEG files, WinAmp playlists and MPEG Datalists. List sorting capabilities included. Freeware source for noncommercial use. License fee required for commercial use.

MPEG TAG Editor (Demo for MPGTools Delphi Unit)
Download 3.7 KB (ZIP)
TAGEditor is simple application for MPEG tag editing. It demonstrates use of TMPEGAudio class of MPGTools unit. This source compiles with Delphi 1 and Delphi 3. Should work with Delphi 2 and Delphi 4. Freeware source

MPEG List (Demo for MPGTools Delphi Unit)
Download 4.5 KB (ZIP)
MPEG List is simple application which demonstrated using TMPEGAudioList class of MPGTools unit. This source compiles with Delphi 1 and Delphi 3. Should work with Delphi 2 and Delphi 4. Freeware source

MPEG Frame Header And TAG Structure
Document (HTML) which explains structure of MPEG Frame Header and TAG. Information are collected from various sources. It also suggests some methods of reading data.

MPEG Audio Datafile File Structure Specification (HTML)
Document (HTML) which explains structure of MPEG Audio datafile used by MPGScript, MACV and MPGTools.

MPEG Renamer 1.05
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Rename MPEG files using data from TAG's. Macros can be used to determine new file name. DOS jokers allowed. Can process complete directory tree. Based on MPGTools Library. Freeware.

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