Links to Yugoslav Cities

YuCity gathers nonformal group of administrators who have in common to maintain presentations of yugoslav cities. Throught this group they are trying to establish better cooperation among them and better presentation of Yugoslavia on the Internet, as well.

Membership is on voluntairly basis and only obligation member should follow is to put link to YuCity page on presentation he maintains. By doing this he makes his visitors able to find and see presentations of other yugoslav cities. In the same time, fair, friendly and easily competitive spirit is built among administrators.

Right to become a member belongs to any presentation of yugoslav city, no matter who, where and when made it. The only condition is that member site must contain link to Yucity site on it's entering page.

If you wanna join us, send us next data:

- Name of city
- Title of presentation
- List od administrators (names and e-mail addresses)
- Short description of presentation
- Suggestions

It's easier to use prepared form to enter and post data to us.

Thanks for your attention and interest. As soon as we get new data, it will be presented on this site, and all administrators will become members of YuCity mail list for further contacts.

Do not ask us why some site is not in our database, please. If you know some site that is not listed here, then contact it's administer and ask him to visit YuCity and fill application form.

Please, do not send us info about sites which are not specificaly presentations of Yugoslav cities.


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