Event Log Analyzer Pro

Microsoft Windows NT Event Log Viewer Replacement

- freeware -

It allows viewing event log contents in following manner:
- Data source may be read from local computer or any
other computer visible through the network
(application offers list of available servers).

- Oposite to Microsoft's Viewer, this application allows
reading event description. Since this may slow down
reading data, reading descrition is optional.

- User may define selection conditions for reading files,
thus, shorten log reading time by selecting event
that are really needed. Selection may be done by
criteria of event type, it's age and/or Event ID.

- Loaded data from log may be additionaly filtered out
by following criteria: type, date, time, source, category, event ID,
user and computer. Filter conditions may be mixed together.

- Log data may be displayed ordered by several predefined indexes

- All setup information is saved for later use


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