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LEGAL NOTICE: This program is freeware. That means you may use and distribute it free of charge. However, program is protected by international law. You are not alowed to alter it and distribute it in altered form in any way.

You are using this program on your own risk. It is tested and it will not likely cause missfunction or damage of your computer but authors and publisher may not be considered as responsible if such event occures.

OVERVIEW: Program calculates optimal dimensions of coils for wanted inductance. It is simple to use but flexible so it can help you not just to make calculations but to find optimal measures or experiment with very flexible parameters.

Aditionaly, program can calculate inductance based on physical dimensons of coil.

REQUIREMENTS: Any computer running Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 95 NT, Windows 95ME, Windows 95 XP, Windows 2000 or newer will do.

INSTALLATION: There is no need for any special installation. Just run the EXE

Coil inductance calculatorUSAGE: You should know some theory about calculating coils.

There ar two modes: optimal coil calculator and coil inductance calculator.

OPTIMAL COIL CALCULATOR isused when you have to make coil of known characteristics. It allows you to experiment with different coil parameters to get to the optimal values. If you set wide range of parameters, it will try to find most optimalby itself.

Default values will help you understand how application works. There is also drawing explaining what is meaning of each parameter. Some parameters are presented as range. You may use this range to force specific values for that parameters. If you want to limit range to single value, just set both min and max to the same value.

If you are not certain which range will do the best for wanted calculation, set large ranges. Calculation will take some time but it will give you some results. Our sugestion is to increase step value to cut the time. In that way you wil get rough caculation but, once you get it you will be aware what range you should set to get finer result.

COIL INDUCTANCE CALCULATOR helps you calcualte inductance od the coil which dimensions you know. It is helpful when you get unknown coil so you can only measure it's dimensions.

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