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MPEG Audio Tools (Delphi Unit)

Main part of MPGScript development was writing this unit. We could not find MPEG AUDIO support Delphi code (except two MP3 player components which were actually shells to DLL or C routines, with no source of course. Well, developing player is quite a task for us, but what we needed was much easier thing to do, and also with no support in Delphi source: that is reading MPEG headers.

Here we are. Main part of this library was developed by exploring through free C source code and ragments of documentation released on Internet. Some informations we've found by lurking on the Internet. Therefore this library source is also free, and we hope it will be useful for someone. Especially, since we all know that MPEG tech specs is copyrighted stuff and you cannot find it anywhere except if you pay very high cost for copyright licence. If you are interested for details, look document about MPEG file structure we prepared.


Due to lots of same questions it should be stated loud and clear that MPGTools is library which contains classes, not components. Some users tried to install it as component which naturaly failed. Here is an short example how to use TMPEGAudio class from this library in some application. Other classes are used in similar way:

use MPGTools;
   MPEGFile : TMPEGAudio;
   { create object }
   MPEGFile := TMPEGAudio.Create;
   { load data for mp3 song }
   MPEGFile.FileName := 'mysong.mp3';
   { read data }
   TitleEditBox.Text := MPEGFile.Title;
   ArtistTextBox.Text := MPEGFile.Artist;
   { change TAG data }
   MPEGFile.Title := TitleEditBox.Text;
   MPEGFile.Artist := ArtistEditBox.Text;
   { write changes to file }
   { free }

Base of this unit is TMPEGAudio class which deals with single MPEG audio file. MPEG audio version 1 and 2, layer I, II and III are supported. MPEG Audio compressed WAV files too. It allows easy access to MPEG TAG (ID3v1.1). Writes TAG to MPEG file, also can completely remove tag from file. By using this class you can even develope MP3 TAG editor in a scratch. Actually, we've done one, and it is available as demo for our library. You will find very powerful method which converts string macros to MPEG data. If you already tried MPGScript, then you already saw it's power. We won't spent your time now. It's better for you to download it and you will find detailed explanations within lines of source file.

Unit is standalone, it does not require any external third party units. There are few non MPEG related functions in it (mostly some string manipulating stuff). We successfully compiled MPGTOOLS.PAS with Delphi 1 and 3. It is reported that it successfuly compiles with Delphi 4.

Unit is expanded with another class TMPEGAudioList, which deals with lists of MPEG audio files. Yes, you guessed right, it is actually what gives power to MPGScript.

TMPEGAudioList is based on TList class, and it supports all properties and methods of this class, plus new: importing and exporting of single files (*.mp?), WinAmp playlists (*.m3u), PLS plalists (*.PLS) and MPEG Audio Datafiles (*.m3d). It is capable of sorting data too.

Further development

We found this library usable in this stage. However we do have some improvements planned. Searching through TMPEGAudioList is a must. We also planned to make another class which will be oriented to problem of report generation (take a look at MPGScript to see what we mean). Firstly, it was planned to be part of TMPEGAudioList class but it turned to be quite a task to make such class general purpose (it was easy to make such thing to work inside of MPGScript when we can control whole application). Therefore, it will take much more time to develope it and it also conflicts with general purpose meant for TMPEGAudioList. Therefore, expect TMPEGAudioReport or similar named class in a future.

All your responces, suggestions and ideas are highly encouraged to help further development.

C language volunteer programmer wanted

We need someone to port MPEG Datafile (*.m3d) file structure to C language, and also write sample C application to demonstrate it's usage. Source code should be portable to other compilers and operating systems. Demo application should be very simple, just read specified m3d file and display its contents on standard output. Off course, we do expect it to be freeware, including source.

If you are willing to help, please contact us before you do anything. We know exactly what we want and we will give you exact specification.


MPGTools is freeware (including source) for developing freeware applications. For commercial use (shareware included) licence fee of $50 USD must be payed to the Author.



Please, when sending mail to us note if you do not want to be put on mail list for MPGTOOLS support.

Third party applications developed by using MPGTools

MP3Explorer - MultiMedia Player for Windows 95/98/NT. Very easy pre-view with single click option, and very easy doubleclick routine for the lazy users.

mp3Trim - Trim silence in your MP3's without converting back to WAV.

MP3 prepare - MP3 prepare is program that makes html based user interfaces to MP3 CDs.

ID3 Editor Plus - let's you edit MP3 TAGs, use CDDB for filling TAG and rename MP3 files.

TAG Edit Pro is really pro looking MPEG tag edior. When I saw this, I knew that all work I put into this library is worth efforts. Check this out. It is freeware.

The Player 4 MP3 is very nice looking mp3 player/encoder. If authors do some more work, this can easily beat WinAmp.

No Order MP3 is MP3 playlist and cataloging tool. Nice look, supports playing with codecs or WinAmp. Support for AudioCatalyst included.

DMP3YK is interesting freeware MPEG playlister/player. Even source code is available.

Rosoft CD Extractor is audio CD extracting utility with unique and interesting options like extracting to WAW or MP3, equilizer and others.

RazorLame, front end for LAME mp3 encoder.

ASN ID3 Tag Editor, very nice looking tag editor.

If you used MPGTools to create your application and it is not listed here, it is perfect time now to add it here. Just send us a note with URL.

This computer program is protected by international law and international treaties.
Copyright (c)1998 by Predrag Supurovic.